Premium Black Billet 80% Lower with Fire/Safe Engraving (1-Pack) and EASY JIG GEN 2 WITH TOOLING – AR-15 / AR-9

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Our top-of-the-line billet receiver to make the build easier for you. As opposed to our basic 80% lower, this premium lower offers a threaded bolt catch release hole, a threaded rear takedown detent hole, and an enhanced trigger guard. If you’ve ever built an AR from an 80% lower before, you know the frustration that the rear detent caused you. With our premium lower, you will be able to install your lower parts kit components with ease.

  • Billet 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Anodized black finish for durability
  • Fire/Safe pre-engraved
  • Broached magwell for secure fit
  • Threaded bolt catch hole
  • Threaded rear takedown detent hole
  • Ships with screws and hex key for installation
  • Heavy-duty trigger guard
  • Made in the USA

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80% Lower Jig (Easy Jig Gen 2 AR15/AR9) with Tooling:

 A 100% Universal 80% Lower Jig

Now compatible with AR-9 lowers and all AR15 lowers, the Easy Jig Gen 2 now effortlessly centers your lower which guarantees your lower will come out perfect, even with customized designs or cuts. It’s been battled tested to work with the top 23 of the most common residential, compact routers. It is also the only jig that works with full-size routers for even quicker machining. Want to use a hand drill? Optional hardened steel stabilizers will help keep things nice and tidy.


This AR-15 / AR-9 only version of the Easy Jig Gen 2 can do everything that the Easy Jig Gen 2 Multi-Platform does, with the exception that it does not fit .308 lowers. If you are interested in completing AR-15, AR-9, and .308 lower receivers using the same jig, the Easy Jig Gen 2 Multi-Platform is your best option. This AR-15 / AR-9 only jig cannot be upgraded or modified to complete .308 lowers. Click here to view the Easy Jig Gen 2 Multi-Platform, the combined AR-15 / AR-9 / .308 jig.


Fast and Too Easy

The Easy Jig Gen 2 is fast as they come. Build times have been recorded as low as 30 minutes to finish a lower with the Gen 2, compared to 45 minutes – 1 hour+ with other jigs. The patented built-in measuring gauges take all the uncertainty out of the build, and now all you need to do is drill one hole before milling.

Why the Easy Jig Gen 2 Rocks

  •        Gives you the ability to build a 100% functional AR lower receiver from your home
  •        Easily pair your lower with a rifle or pistol kit to build a complete, functional gun.
  •        No FFL paperwork required, everything ships right to your door
  •        No paperwork need, 100% legal
  •        At 7 lbs., this rock-solid jig guarantees a perfect finish
  •        No assembly or disassembly required, just throw in the lower!
  •        Includes detailed manual, quick start guides, and video tutorial


Drill bits included:

  • 1) 3/8 inch drill bit
  • 1) 5/32 inch drill bit
  • 1) 21/64 inch drill bit

End mill bit included:

  • 1) 5/16 inch end mill bit – solid carbide with ¼ inch shank (to fit into the compact router)

Note: It is recommended that you have 1 end mill bit for every 3 80% lowers you plan to complete.

*Lower receiver is not included with purchase*

Additional information

Weight 8.0005754946892 lbs


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