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300 Blackout 7.5" Heavy AR 15 Pistol Barrel, 1:7 Twist, 4150 Chromoly, Parkerized
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Out of Stock 300 Blackout 7.5" Heavy AR 15 Pistol Barrel, 1:7 Twist, 4150 Chromoly, Parkerized -
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SKU: B300PHB7.517(P)

The everyman's solution for building a perfectly simple, reliable, accurate and solid 300 Blackout AR Pistol is here! Super-affordable and featuring the highest quality rifling and steel available, our 7.5" Heavy Pistol Barrel embodies what it means to get better value and performance out of piecing together your own AR 15 Pistol. A 1:7 twist rate offers the best performance for both supersonic and subsonic 300 Blackout loads without sacrificing accuracy when shooting either. 4150 Chromoly Steel with heat-treated rifling ensures the best accuracy and barrel life possible, while a universal 5/8 x 24 thread pitch offers easy suppressor or compensator attachment.

Unmatched Quality and Cost

Affordable doesn't mean cheap. Our 7.5" Pistol Barrel uses the best manufacturing processes on the market to create the most accurate and rugged AR 15 barrel possible. All rifling is cut on a precision CNC machine, and every step of the build process is governed by ISO 9002 quality standards. Each barrel is 100% individually inspected. We use mil-spec, 4150 Chromoly steel for its superior performance and accuracy, and we heat-treat each barrel to a hardness rating of RC 28 to 32, ensuring your rifling will last longer, resist wear better, and provide even better acc

A More Accurate Pistol Upper

Speaking of accuracy, our 7.5" Heavy Barrel provides some of the best accuracy you'll find in any 300 Blackout AR Pistol. Our rifling and heat treating process means we can avoid using chrome lining, which would otherwise reduce accuracy. Instead, our build process ensures your barrel life will be exceptional - comparable to chrome lined barrels without the reduction in performance. What's more, no chrome lining means no added cost, providing the most performance-driven, affordable 300 Blackout Pistol Barrel you'll find.

300 Blackout Pistol Barrel Features:

  • 300 AAC Blackout Chamber
  • 7.5" with Parkerized Finish
  • Heavy Profile
  • 1:7 Twist Rate
  • 4150 Chromoly Steel
  • Heat Treatment to RC 28-32
  • Stress Relieving Steel Treatment
  • CNC Cut Rifling
  • Carbine Gas System (Block 0.750, Hole 0.072)
  • M4 Feed Ramps
  • 5/8 x 24 Thread Pitch
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs.

300 Blackout 7.5" Heavy AR 15 Pistol Barrel, 1:7 Twist, 4150 Chromoly, Parkerized

$159.95 $99.95 (You save $60.00)
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Free Shipping on all orders $250+