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300 Blackout 16" Stainless, M4 Profile AR 15 Rifle Barrel, 1:8 Twist, 416R Steel, Polished
$179.95 $104.95 (You save $75.00)
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SKU: B300CM41618(SS)

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We'll make it simple: If you want perhaps the most accurate 300 Blackout Rifle Barrel available on the market, and you want to pay the best price possible, stop searching and hit ' add to cart'. Our 416R Stainless Steel barrel provides unparalleled accuracy with neurotically manufactured, tested, and inspected rifling that simply out-guns the competition by every measure - and it does it on a budget. This barrel is hard and dense to yield better accuracy and reliability. Even with an M4 profile, it weighs a respectable 2.5 pounds.

The Best Barrel Steel on The Market

Manufacturers who sought to put out the most accurate barrels started with 410 stainless - many still use it. This basic stainless provides moderate accuracy and machinability. It's not good enough for us. Better builders use regular 416, which is great for accuracy, but not so great for reliability and durability. Then there's the best: 416R Stainless. This highly machinable stainless provides perfect rifling for sub-MOA accuracy, while the "R" designator identifies a lower sulfur content in the metal. This reduces the development sulfide stringers - basically, they're deposits in the metal that kill accuracy and barrel life.

The Most Accurate 300 Blackout Rifle Barrel

Our stainless barrel starts as a pure 416R stainless blank, with rifling precision-machined on a CNC. All equipment and the rifling process is controlled under ISO 9002 specifications, guaranteeing the tightest tolerances and the most honed and polished rifling possible. Each barrel is then heat treated to a hardness rating of RC 28 to 32, providing unmatched rifling durability and hardness. This is critical for any 300 Blackout Barrel handling a wide variety of grain counts - specifically, 110-grain supersonic loads and 220 subsonic loads. Simply put, our stainless barrel provides the most accuracy of any 300 Blackout Rifle Barrel available, on top of yielding better hardness and barrel life.

300 Blackout Rifle Barrel Features:

  • 300 AAC Blackout Chamber
  • 16" with Polished Finish
  • M4 Profile
  • 1:8 Twist Rate
  • 416R Stainless Steel
  • Heat Treatment to RC 28-32
  • Stress Relieving Steel Treatment
  • CNC Cut Rifling
  • Carbine Gas System (Block 0.750, Hole 0.125)
  • M4 Feed Ramps
  • 5/8 x 24 Thread Pitch
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs.

300 Blackout 16" Stainless, M4 Profile AR 15 Rifle Barrel, 1:8 Twist, 416R Steel, Polished

$179.95 $104.95 (You save $75.00)
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Free Shipping on all orders $250+