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80 Lower Jig

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80 Lower Jig

The wonderful world of AR 15 ownership has produced an amazing product: The AR15 80 Lower Jig. This nifty chunk of aluminum is not a firearm by any measure, so it can be shipped directly to your door. You complete the machining, and now you own your own, home-built, free of FFL fees and red tape AR 15.

Finishing your own 80 lower at home requires an AR15 80 Lower Jig, plain and simple. This simple contraption takes out all of the guesswork and makes for precision milling and drilling – an obvious requirement when building your own firearm from an 80 lower. On our site, you’ll find all the video instruction and physical paper manuals you need to complete the job. No mechanical expertise is required. Our AR15 80 Lower Jigs include built-in drill depth guides and each plate is individually replaceable in case of user error/accident.

No drill press is necessary, either! All you’ll need is a standard hand drill, the correct bits and a little patience. You can easily finish your lower in an afternoon by using one of our AR15 80 Lower Jigs. Fail-proof mechanisms help make sure everything goes smooth, leaving you with a beautifully finished AR15 Lower that you can proudly call your own – no serial numbers, registration or red tape required.

Benefits of an 80 Lower Jig:

  • Built-in Guides Remove Any Guesswork
  • Reusable & Uses Replaceable Parts
  • Convenient How-to Videos & Instructions 
  • No Drill Press Necessary
  • Made In The USA

Get to buildin’.


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