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300 Blackout Rifle Barrel

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300 Blackout Rifle Barrel

When it comes to accurately and reliably shooting super and subsonic 300 Blackout loads, every inch of barrel counts – so go with a barrel that guarantees 1 MOA of accuracy with any load. That would be our selection of 300 Blackout Rifle Barrels, of course. Featuring mil-spec steel and the best quality control measures, every 300 Blackout Rifle Barrel we sell is personally inspected and guaranteed to shoot a 1” shot group at 100 yards.

So how do we do it? Why choose our barrels? We start with 4150 Chromoly or 416R Stainless steel – the two best alloys on the market for barrel making. Each barrel is rifled using precision CNC machines, and every fabrication step is governed by ISO 9002 quality control standards. Each barrel’s heat treated to obtain a hardness rating of RC 28 to 32, which provides rock-hard, wear-resistant rifling. This negates the need for chrome lining, improving accuracy, barrel life, and reducing the price you pay.

We use only pistol- or carbine-length gas systems and 1:7 or 1:8 twist rates. This combination of features guarantees reliably and accurate shooting with suppressed or unsuppressed 300 Blackout loads, whether it’s 110- or 220-grain. Yes, our prices are low, but our quality is of the highest caliber, literally. Affordable doesn’t mean cheap here. You want the most reliably 300 Blackout Rifle, start with one of our barrels.

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Benefits of Our 300 Blackout Rifle Barrels

  • Features 4150 Chromoly or 416R SS Steel
  • Features polished M4 feed ramps
  • Heat treated for superior accuracy
  • Pistol- and carbine-length gas systems
  • Reliably feeds super and subsonic loads
  • 5/8 x 24 thread pitch for easy suppression
  • Can be mated with any standard AR 15 upper receiver
  • Made in the USA


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