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15" 300 Blackout Upper

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15" 300 Blackout Upper

Our unique take on the new and popular 300 Blackout Upper offers the best of the AR Pistol, SBR, and full-length black rifle worlds, all packaged in an industry-leading production with mil-spec components. Why 15” Why not 14.5” or 16”? We consider 15” the sweet spot for the 300 Blackout Upper: It provides an even more compact, lightweight profile than any rifle-length Upper with superior accuracy and ballistics, maximizing accuracy and barrel length. The best part is, pinning nearly any muzzle device will make this Upper a legal rifle length, requiring no additional tax stamp or paperwork!

But compact size, aesthetics, and weight savings aren’t enough around here. We use only mil-spec 4150 Chromoly or 416R Stainless steel in every barrel, mated with a mil-spec 7075 T6 M4 receiver. Every barrel is CNC machined using ISO 9002 quality control standards, guaranteeing 1 MOA of accuracy at 100 yards. Lastly, every barrel’s heat-treated to obtain a Mohs hardness rating of RC 28 to 32. This hardens the rifling to the point that it does not require chrome lining for extended barrel life. The end result is a more accurate, less costly, and more reliable 300 Blackout Upper packaged with a quality Picatinny, Keymod, or M-Lok handguard.

Not good enough? Check out our prices – they’re some of the lowest on the market. Affordable doesn’t mean cheap around here. And finally, the best part: Every 300 Blackout Upper we sell ships straight to your front door, ready to fire out the box. No FFL required.

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Benefits of our 16” 300 Blackout Upper

  • Ships to your door with no FFL paperwork!
  • The most compact Upper that can be made a rifle
  • Mil-spec steel and heat treatment improves accuracy
  • Includes mil-spec, chrome-lined bolt carrier group
  • Includes standard, universal charging handle
  • Can be mated with any standard AR 15 lower
  • Ready to fire out of the box, no Gunsmithing required
  • Made & constructed in the USA

15" 300 Blackout Upper