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Using 300 Blackout for Home Defense

If you’ve been following our comparison pieces, you’ve realized how versatile 300 Blackout is. But is it any good for home defense? The short answer is, “Hell yes”. Very much so, in fact, as long as you’re sporting the right configuration. This topic – the idea of using an AR platform for home defense – has been a controversial one for quite some time, so we’ll start with a disclaimer:

Your typical AR 15 is not so good for home defense without the right setup. Good ole’ .223 and 5.56 NATO aren’t meant for indoors, close-quarters combat. They can over-penetrate, they create relatively small wound channels, and they don’t make for a quick kill unless they hit a vital organ. But 300 BLK is an entirely new ballgame, so let’s look at why it’s a great round for home defense:

300 Blackout packs a slow, mean, big punch

We’re talking about subsonic 300 Blackout in this article, of course. Supersonic loads will still likely over-penetrate (just like any other conventional rifle round) and their ballistic energy could be considered overkill in a home defense situation.

Subsonic 300 Blackout, on the other hand, affords some unique benefits as a close-up-and-personal HD round: It’s big and fat compared to .223 and 5.56, creating a huge wound channel and plenty of trauma. It’s slow, traveling at around 1,000 fps (that’s slower than many handgun rounds) which reduces the chance of over-penetration. It’s also heavy, weighing at an average of 225 grains, just why of your typical .45 ACP.

So, subsonic 300 Blackout presents a wonderful formula of ballistic data to make it a great home-defense round, but that’s only half the picture. The gun that you’ll be using to defend yourself and your family matters just as much as (if not more than) the round itself.

The Home-Defense 300 Blackout Pistol

To put it simply, the AR 15 SBR or AR Pistol in 300 Blackout is one of the most versatile, accurate, easy to maneuver and deadly compact guns you can shoot. As is the case with our popular 7.5” AR Uppers, You’re getting a longer barrel than most other conventional pistols on the market, improving accuracy and stability. You’re also getting a beefier profile with more real estate for your hands to grip. The distance between your front and rear sights only furthers your accuracy, and the common ritual of slapping on your favorite red dot or optic on your upper only makes the AR pistol or SBR more of a winner for home-defense compared to any other handgun.

Lastly, we get to consider the ATF’s favorable ruling on AR Pistol arm braces and stabilizers like the KAK Shockwave: You can shoulder these devices, essentially affording you SBR-like handling characteristics and stability with an AR pistol. Even if you simply use an arm brace as it was originally intended, you’ll be enjoying a more stable platform than any handgun, as well as a more compact and ergonomic weapon than any rifle. So as far as accuracy and maneuvering are concerned, the 300 Blackout AR pistol or SBR is truly giving you the best both worlds.

More Capacity, Better Bang

And let’s save the best for the last, the elephant in the room that puts the argument to rest: Magazine capacity. You’re getting away with a whopping 30 rounds of protective measures, compared to your average 10 or 15 rounds with any handgun sporting a double-stack magazine. And remember all that juicy ballistic data above? You’re getting more bang for your buck (literally) with each trigger squeeze, round for round.

Plenty of self-defense 300 Blackout loads are available on the market that provide expansion and trauma few other rounds can afford. Once paired with a properly built SBR or AR pistol, the 300 Blackout, in subsonic, makes for a wonderful home-defense round.


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