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Top 5 300 Blackout Barrels

With so many configurations available for 300 Blackout barrels, it’s tough choosing the right one for your build. We’ll go over our top 5 picks based on your rifle, pistol, or SBR build intentions.

To be sure, this is not a “good-better-best” sort of top 5 list – we’re simply breaking down our top 5 picks for specific applications, whether that’s long-range shooting, short-range, suppressed accuracy, general toughness, or a combination of those qualities. Let’s begin!

  1. 300 Blackout 16” Heavy Spiral Fluted AR 15 Rifle Barrel, 1:8 Twist, 4150 Chromoly, Parkerized

Looking for the absolute best balance of barrel rigidity, accuracy, durability, and aesthetics? Our spiral fluted heavy barrel should be on your list. Featuring 16” of 4150 Chromoly steel, our heavy profiled and fluted barrel provides more rigidity than any other barrel profile, enhancing accuracy. Yet, it’s less heavy than any other barrel you’ll find in a typical “heavy” configuration, making it the best of both worlds.

This barrel also features a heat treating process that produces super-hardened rifling. Paired with a 4150 Chromoly alloy, the best barrel steel on the market, you’ll enjoy superior accuracy and typically achieve 1 MOA shot groups at 100 yards with subsonic or supersonic loads.

The best part? That heat treatment process negates the need for chrome lining. You’ll enjoy comparable barrel life to a chrome-lined unit, but you’ll save money on the cost of chrome lining and you’ll get better accuracy than a chrome-lined barrel, too.

This barrel features a 1:8 twist rate and carbine gas system, so it’ll easily stabilize and cycle supersonic and subsonic loads alike. This is the best barrel you’ll find if you’re looking for ultimate toughness, accuracy, and weight savings in a heavy, non-stainless profile.

  1. 300 Blackout 16” Stainless, M4 Profile AR 15 Rifle Barrel, 1:8 Twist, 416R Steel, Polished

Want the absolute highest amount of accuracy possible in your 300 Blackout-chambered AR 15? Then this should be the barrel you buy. Constructed from the industry’s best barrel steel, this 416R, 16” barrel guarantees sub-MOA accuracy at 100 yards and beyond thanks to CNC cut rifling produced under extremely precise, ISO 9002 quality control measures.

416R is superior to 416 and 410 stainless because it suffers from fewer non-metallic impurities. This alloy purity ensures harder, more polished rifling and longer barrel life with more consistent shot placement. What’s more, our barrels are heat-treated to obtain a Mohs hardness rating of RC 28 to 32. This process creates hardened rifling lands and grooves that enhance accuracy to the absolute limits of what 300 Blackout is capable of doing.

If you’re the bench shooter who wants to push 110-grain, match-grade hand loads out beyond 500 meters, this is the barrel that’ll do it. A nominal 1:8 twist rate reliably stabilizes both supersonic and subsonic loads, so you’ll be able to shoot suppressed and unsuppressed with ease.

  1. 300 Blackout 10.5” Heavy Stainless AR 15 Pistol Barrel, 1:7 Twist, 416R Steel, Polished

Want to build the most accurate 300 Blackout SBR or pistol possible? Our 10.5” stainless steel barrel is your best bet. This barrel assembly features top-tier 416R stainless steel that outmatches the competition, including any economy 416 or 410 barrel.

This barrel’s heavy profile ensures rigidity and stabilization in its more compact length, enhancing accuracy. Rifling is CNC cut under ISO 9002 quality control measures and heat-treated to guarantee the most precise shot groups possible. Many shooters report obtaining sub-MOA accuracy at 100 yards out of this compact barrel – something few other makers can claim.

A 1:7 twist rate nominally stabilizes subsonic and supersonic loads, ensuring your 300 Blackout SBT or pistol takes full advantage of this whisper’s rounds dual functionality. A pistol gas system ensures reliable cycling of suppressed or unsuppressed loads, and a 5/8 x 24 threat pitch makes zipping a can on the muzzle easy as pie.

At just 1.5 lbs., this barrel’s rigid, tough, accurate and still light as Hell, ensuring your pistol or SBR build is just as maneuverable as it is accurate and reliable.

  1. 300 Blackout 7.5” Heavy Stainless AR 15 Pistol Barrel, 1:8 Twist, 416R Steel, Polished

Want to enjoy the most accuracy possible, in the most compact 300 Blackout-chambered AR you can build? Look no further: Our stainless 7.5” pistol barrel is one of the best choices available on the market. This ultra-compact pistol barrel features industry-leading 416R stainless steel and heat-treated rifling to guarantee you get as much accuracy as possible with every inch. This alloy is superior to 416 and 410 stainless alloys because it features fewer non-metallic impurities, making manufacturing and rifling more consistent and precise when it counts most.

Super-hardened and polished rifling combines with a pistol-length gas system to ensure you can easily shoot subsonic and supersonic loads with or without a suppressor. This barrel’s heavy profile only further enhances rigidity and accuracy, making for a tough-as-nails SBR or pistol that’ll last tens of thousands of rounds.

At just 2 lbs., this barrel perfectly balances weight and strength, while a 1:8 twist rate stabilizes any load you shoot at any feasible distance. This is a wonderfully versatile, compact barrel that’ll provide the accuracy you’re looking for in the shortest configuration possible, so you can take your 300 Blackout to the limit.

  1. 300 Blackout 14.5” Contoured AR 15 Rifle Barrel, 1:7 Twist, 4150 Chromoly Steel, Parkerized

Want to build the most compact 300 Blackout rifle possible, and still avoid that costly ATF Tax Stamp that comes with owning an SBR or sub-16” barrel? Start here. Our 14.5”, 4150 Chromoly barrel is the easiest way and most affordable way to get away with a highly accurate, affordable barrel that’ll provide an easy way to pin your muzzle device so you can avoid that $200 fee.

A universal 5/8 x 24 thread pitched muzzle accepts most suppressors or muzzle devices, so you don’t have to pay an arm and leg to enjoy a more compact rifle. You can even pin your suppressor and still avoid one of those costly stamps.

The best part? Investing in such a permanent solution is easy with the quality and accuracy this barrel affords. The CNC cut rifling on this barrel simply can’t be outmatched. Once cut, the barrel is heat-treated to obtain a Mohs hardness rating of RC 28 to 32, making for super-hardened rifling that enhances accuracy.

The result is a barrel that does not need chrome lining, saving you money, providing comparable barrel life, and providing 1 MOA shot groups at 100 meters, all in one package.


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