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Using 300 Blackout for Home Defense

If you’ve been following our comparison pieces, you’ve realized how versatile 300 Blackout is. But is it any good for home defense? The short answer is, “Hell yes”. Very much so, in fact, as long as you’re sporting the right configuration. This topic – the idea of using an AR platform for home defense – […]

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300 Blackout Barrel Buyer’s Guide

Achieving superior accuracy and reliability with your 300 Blackout rifle, SBR, or pistol requires getting the right barrel assembly – it’s the single most important part of this platform, in fact. Why? Because you’re going to be handling a wide variety of grain counts and loads. If you want to use your 300 Blackout to […]

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300 Blackout and Barrel Steel

There are quite a few different options when it comes to picking what steel alloy your 300 blackout barrel will be made of. First, you’ve got to pick between Chromoly and Stainless alloys, then you have subsets of those alloys that will determine barrel life, accuracy, and cost. For 300 Blackout, the quality of your […]

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What Is a 300 Blackout Upper

Great question! It’s a fitting, given the introduction of our new website. To answer that question, let’s dive into a brief history of the 300 Blackout, and how it came to be. In 1990, firearms community veteran J.D. Jones developed the 300 Whisper in his garage. He intended it to be a suppressor-friendly, intermediate rifle […]

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