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300 Blackout vs. 300 Whisper

Just as the differences between .223 and 5.56 NATO are hotly debated and shrouded in misinformation, the same applies to the world of the .300 family. The new and popular 300 Blackout round was officially developed by the Advanced Armament at the request of the U.S. Military, but the story of the 300 BLK round […]

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Yes, 300 BLK is Great for Deer

300 BLK has gotten a bad rap in the hunting community. A lot of old-timey hunters clutch to their wood stocks and bolt actions, sinisterly eyeing up the modern black rifle – a fine sporting and hunting rifle by any measure – the way Salem’s archaic townsfolk viewed maidens accused of witchcraft.  But the 300 […]

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Max Effective Range of 300 Blackout

With so many different loads available in 300 Blackout, many folks are left wondering: Just how far out can one push his or 300 BLK-chambered AR 15? At what distance does the chance of ringing steel become pure chance? The answer to that question, again, varies wildly – will you be shooting unsuppressed supersonic or […]

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