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How to Stabilize Your 300 Blackout Pistol

So, you’ve finished building your 300 Blackout pistol. By now you might have realized just how hard it can be to consistently make good shot groups shooting a large, .30-caliber round out of a short, compact, lightweight gun. Experiencing some issues with failures to feed, failures to fully cycle, or failures to eject? You might have an issue with stabilization – dissipated recoil energy from the lack of a buttstock means there’s less energy to cycle your pistol.

We’ve got you covered! There are plenty of ways to easily stabilize your 300 Blackout pistol affordably and reliably. Let’s break down the different techniques and products you can use:

Sling Tension

If you don’t have a sling on your AR pistol, get one. You can’t exactly holster an AR pistol like your typical handgun, so a sling offers a convenient alternative. What’s more, a sling with a little bit of tension does wonders improving your sight picture, recoil management, and shot groups.

Any sling will do, and for simplicity’s sake, we recommend a two-point sling. 

Just attach it to your gas block’s sling mount (or install one on your handguard if you don’t have one already), and attach the other end to your lower receiver’s sling mount at the base of the buffer tube. You can even get a pistol buffer tube with a sling mount on the end, but this may limit future attachments (like a pistol brace).

Once installed, just grip your pistol the way you normally do, with your sling looped behind your firing shoulder. You’ll want to “push” against your pistol, with the sling providing tension against your body. This will provide an opposite force to mitigate recoil, and it’ll help stabilize your arms for a smoother sight picture that’s free of jittery, shaky movement.

Magpul Angled Foregrip

This can be used in conjunction with the sling tension method, or it can provide added stability simply with its own use. The aptly named Magpul Angled Foregrip provides a point for your handguard-gripped hand to push against, much like you would do with the sling tension method. Pushing against your 300 Blackout pistol with the Magpul Foregrip will cause your bicep to tense up, stabilizing your stance and reducing recoil.

Pistol Stabilizing Brace

These are our favorite methods of AR pistol stabilization, for a few reasons: First, they look damn cool, imitating the general look and feel of a real SBR. Second, they provide the most stabilization without you having to flex or tense up – they just attach to your forearm and make an anchor. Lastly, they can be shouldered. That’s right, they can now be legally shouldered, thanks to the ATF’s recent clarification on the matter.

While we all thought shouldering a pistol brace would essentially “reclassify” an AR pistol as an SBR, the ATF outright and patently stated this does not. Now, you can’t modify your pistol brace to make it easier to shoulder, but as long as you install it and leave it alone, you’re completely free and clear to use it like a shoulder stock. We particularly like the KAK Shockwave because of its profile, sleek design, and rigid installation, although the good ole’ Sig Brace and original SB Braces are other community favorites.


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