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How to Buy a Suppressor for 300 Blackout

So you want to take the leap and go all the way. You want a suppressor for your 300 Blackout, so you can enjoy this amazing whisper round the way God intended. Great! Let’s help you get there. Below, you’ll find a brief summary of how to navigate the paperwork and steps you need to take to own a suppressor for your AR 15.

How to Buy a Suppressor for 300 Blackout

  1. Find the Silencer for You
  2. Find a Dealer
  3. Fill out ATF Form 4
  4. Get Everything Together and Mail it
  5. Wait Impatiently…

  1. Find the Silencer for You

There are so many choices out there, it can be hard to find the right thing. For starters, most 300 Blackout barrels feature standard 5/8 x 24 threads, so you’ll want this in your suppressor of choice. Without getting into the nitty-gritty of things, we can recommend some popular choices: Anything from SilencerCo, the Specware 762, the GemTech GMT-300BLK, and the AAC 762-SDN-6 are all great places to start. That last one was built by the same company that helped develop 300 Blackout (Advanced Armament Corp), so you might want to consider that one first.

  1. Find a Dealer

More and more physical gun shops are stocking suppressors, especially with the rise in popularity that 300 BLK is enjoying. You can often use a Dealer Locator on the manufacturer’s website to find where you can go to get the paperwork started. SilencerCo offers this nifty little tool here, as too does AAC and Gemtech.

If you can’t find a dealer for the exact model you want, or if you’re unsure about the process even still, simply go to your local gun shop. They’ll be able to tell you where to go if they don’t offer suppressor sales themselves.

  1. Fill out ATF Form 4

This is where all the legal gobbledygook happens. Once you’ve honed in on the suppressor you want and you know where you’ll be purchasing from, you’ll need to fill out two copies of ATF Form 4 and one copy of ATF Form 5330.20. Before you can complete and mail these forms to the ATF, your local chief law enforcement officer must give you a certification. That’s usually going to be your local chief of police or sheriff.

When you have your chief LEO fill our certification for your suppressor, you should obtain two copies of your fingerprints at that same time. You’ll need them when you mail your Form 4’s.

Your dealer will also fill out a section on Form 4, so if you’re buying online and not from a physical gun shop, we recommend calling them and speaking to customer service. They’ll be able to set up the paperwork, fill it out and email it to you. They might even be super-nice and help you send everything.

  1. Get Everything Together and Mail it

You’ll need to mail all the forms and fingerprints to the ATF. They’ll need both copies of Form 4, a copy of Form 5330.20, two fingerprint cards, and two 2×2” color photos of yourself taken, within the past year.

How much does the ATF charge for all this? A crisp $200. You can pay with Money Order, but when dealing with any bureaucracy or government agency, we strongly recommend using a check – you know, just in case our ever-so-efficient government agency looks track of something.

  1. Wait Impatiently…

It can take weeks, even months, for you to even hear back from the ATF regarding your suppressor application. If you did everything right, your dealer of choice will receive one of those two Form 4 copies back from the ATF with a tax stamp affixed to it – this is your green check mark saying you get to pick up your suppressor!


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