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1001 Uses of 300 Blackout

A lot of folks try to pinpoint what, exactly, 300 BLK is good for. They’d be wrong to try to relegate this versatile round and weapon platform to just one application. The correct answer to the question is: A lot!

The guys who developed this cartridge and fielded it in the military were looking for quite a few things – close-range trauma, medium-range accuracy, compactness, low weight, the ability to shoot suppressed and unsuppressed without modification in the field. J.D. Jones and Advanced Armament Corporation certainly pulled it off.

Anything the military develops generally has its place in the civilian world, from microwaves to the turbodiesel to cellphones. The same applies to 300 Blackout. So, what exactly can we use this round and platform for? Well, if we can classify whether a weapon is suited for the three primary disciplines of shooting (hunting, defense, sport) then 300 BLK does it all:

Hog hunting. We break down why 300 BLK is the perfect platform for hog hunting in greater detail, but generally speaking, it’s the best weapon for the job. Hogs are smart, territorial, mostly nocturnal creatures and they roam in packs. That means you have to sneak up on them – but not too close – to take your shot, and you have to manage it quietly.

Big, bulky, loud rifles won’t do. You won’t get close enough to a feral hog to use a handgun, either. So, 300 Blackout is perfect: It can be suppressed, it can be built small, and it packs a punch with subsonic hollow points, making for a quick kill that won’t throw the whole pack scrambling.

Home defense. Go to Google and search up “300 BLK home defense”, and you’ll find an article claiming 300 BLK is bad for home defense. The writer of that article is wrong (sorry, guy). 300 BLK is actually perfect for home defense.

Why? Because, yet again, the many configurations that 300 BLK can create is the secret to safety and eliminating a threat quickly. Subsonic 300 BLK with hollow-point tips packs around 500 pound-feet of energy, the same as a big ole’ .45 ACP.

What’s more, subsonic 300 BLK weighs a whopping 220 or more grains – that’s a lot of lead. The writer of aforementioned article claims subsonic 300 BLK might not stop a bad guy. Considering the handguns law enforcement officers use shoot rounds packing less energy, we invite him to prove otherwise.

And finally, the relatively compact 300 BLK rifle or even more compact 300 BLK pistol will provide more capacity, more stabilization, and a better chance of hitting compared to any conventional handgun, shotgun, or full-size rifle.  

Plinking. 300 BLK was expensive, but not anymore. Boxes of 20 are getting more affordable by the day as the AR market catches up to manufacturers, and the platform becomes more popular (that’s why we’re here!). You can now buy boxes for as low as $13, making it less expensive than any almost any other .30-caliber cartridge for sale, especially for black rifles (looking at you, .308).

That means you can enjoy plinking at the local range or shooting cans in the backyard without burning a hole in your wallet every time you squeeze the trigger. And what about all that loud noise the average .30-cal makes? Suppress it, shoot subsonic, and you won’t even have to wear hearing protection – the loudest part of that configuration will be the bolt cycling. Seriously.

Three Guns in One

So, in the end, 300 Blackout truly does it all: Hunting, defense, and sporting. The best part about the whole system – the reason the military loved it so much – is that all this can be enjoyed suppressed, without the need for hearing protection.

At the time of this publication, the SHARE Act is up for a vote soon. That means suppressors could very well be made much more accessible and affordable. Stay tuned.




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